Soundcloud: What’s In It For You?

by admin

Posted on February 27, 2015 at 4:26 pm

Have you ever tried using SoundCloud? If not, you’ll be told that you are missing out on a lot. And yet from your end, you wonder what’s in it for you. Why are there so many people telling you that you should be using SoundCloud now? What could it offer you that will make your music life any better? Before you dismiss the thought altogether, here are the pros of using Soundcloud. Discover the wonders of this application and you never have to doubt again.

What is it good for?

Did you know that with Soundcloud you don’t have to be limited? Whether you decide to upload an existing recording from your stash or you record on the spot, SoundCloud will allow you to do both. What’s even better is that you can do both without consuming much time at all.
You are not sure if you are ready for other people outside your circle to hear your music, luckily, soundcloud allows you to control the people who can access your uploads. You may choose to share them to your close friends and family or open up your network to everyone else across the globe who can get inspired by your music.

Thinking about publishing your music, but you don’t want to limit yourself to just your blog? They you must be in luck because SoundCloud allows you to publish your music just about anywhere. Whether it is embedded in your blog post or shared through your varius social media accounts, Soundcloud allows you to do as much sharing and publishing as you want.

How long can your SoundCloud be? You’ be jumping in joy when you find out that there is no limit to the file sizes that you can upload. Whether is rendition of your favourite song or your own composition or perhaps a medley of your favourite music from an era, you can upload them without worrying about whether they can be accommodated or not. This application is surely going to make it available to everyone who’d like to take a listen.

Is it possible to upload what you’ve just recorded? It would have taken hours in the past, but with SoundCloud, you can upload it anytime anywhere. All you need is your smart phone – whether it’s an iPhone or an Android – SoundCloud works for both platforms. You don’t have to worry what gadget you have.

Last and perhaps the most important aspect of this application is the fact that it provides its users a clean web address, minus the hefty cost that usually comes with it. Soundcloud allows its users to create a personalized web address with a Soundcloud extension to target their chosen listeners.

When you choose to use Soundcloud, you can enjoy all of these benefits that come with it. If you choose not to, you know you will regret not getting the chance to publish your music online. Whether it is for personal use or for promotion of your business, Soundcloud will allow you to get every chance you get to get your talent known. What else are you waiting for?

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