Soundcloud: The Most Powerful Way Bands Can Make Money

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Posted on January 24, 2015 at 6:14 pm

You are a member of a band and for years, you have been in search for the perfect application that could help you develop your music and get it out there minus all the costs that come with. And yet, you have tried so many recording applications that came before and you gave up, because they were not able to live up to what they promised to deliver. You must have been told about SoundCloud but you didn’t know if it was something you could truly use, until you tried it yourself.

So how can soundcloud be what the bands need to make money? The answer to the question can be pretty simple – you can upload your music through SoundCloud where you fans can go to and they could take a listen to all your uploaded tracks. What’s even better is that they can download your songs from just one place. Wouldn’t that be the convenience you’d like them to have?

In detail, here are some of the many ways bands can make good use of SoundCloud:

Your tracks will always be in great shape for a listen.
You have put great energy into making sure that your song has got the lyrics and the melody that your followers will love. This is the very reason why you also want them to experience your songs in great shape no matter what time or where they may be. With SoundCloud, you don’t have to worry about the condition of your song. It will always be perfect.

You can get your Soundcloud page fully customized.

It will be like getting your own website for much less. You can embed all your music there and not worry that it may be tagged with other bands, because your page will say everything about your band. Because you can customize it, you can choose designs that will truly fit in the kind of genre your music belongs in.

You can make great use of extensions.

Your fans no longer have to look for you. With great SoundCloud extensions, you can be where your fans are. You can simply embed your music in any of your band’s social media accounts and that’s it. Everyone who wishes to hear your music can now access it no matter what social media platform they may be using.

You can make your music available to various mobile phone users.
Indeed, there are a lot of great things about how SoundCloud can help your band and helping you get into the mobile music scene is indeed something truly different. With everyone becoming active mobile users, you can get the word out there that your band’s music can be their soundtrack even while on the road minus the hassle.

More than the financial gains that bands can get out of this application, it is all about producing music and getting out there and becoming an inspiration to those who want to give it a try.

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