Soundcloud Terms of Service: What Do They Truly Mean?

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Posted on April 10, 2015 at 12:08 am

When you are new to anything, the terms used can be quite difficult to comprehend. In fact, in dealing with most of the terms and conditions of those software programs that you use, you simply go through them in a breeze, agree and that’s it. Everything is perfect, until you find yourself in trouble. That’s the only time that you realize that you should have gone through the terms and conditions thoroughly. You wish you could have read it so you’d know what to do in certain cases.

How would you react if this happened to you while you are trying to get access of your Soundcloud account? Would it mean the end of the world? Before you feel a little more frustrated when something goes wrong with your SoundCloud account, here are the most famous terms used in this platform. Familiarize yourself and you’ll discover a lot of great things about SoundCloud that you never knew about before.

Acceptance Of Terms Of Use

This is the term used to confirm that you have fully read SoundCloud terms and conditions and that you fully agree to all of them. The terms that you should have read at this point should include Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and Community Guidelines to name a few.

Changes To Terms Of Use

This is the section where the changes to the original Terms of Use Can be read. Because some of the rules need to be constantly updated to protect you and your original or versions of music, this is the section where you can read a thorough explanation of the changes.

Description Of The Platform

This is where you find everything you need to know on how to sue the platform. More importantly, it includes the special features of SoundCloud. It is best to read through this one to fully grasp the functionality of the site and how it can be used to your advantage.

Your SoundCloud Account

Once you sign up for SoundCloud, you become a member who can get benefits out of what the platform offers. However, alongside the benefits that come with the platform are the responsibilities that you have to keep in mind as a user. Reading through this will make sure you are always out of trouble.

Your Content

This is the part where you truly take ownership of the content that you upload. It is also important to read through this section because it includes how you may commit infringement of other people’s content. Nothing beats users who know their rights and responsibilities and take it by heart.

Grant of Licence

When you upload your music content on SoundCloud, you are also giving the platform the right to use your content with limitations. This includes giving other users of SoundCloud the right to listen to your music whenever they want to.
These are just a few of the many terms that is used in SoundCloud, but this list practically contains most of those that you truly want to know.

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