How to Get More Followers on SoundCloud

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Posted on January 2, 2015 at 4:59 pm

SoundCloud is an online audio platform where you can upload, record and distribute your sounds. Since it was founded in Berlin in 2007, it has grown fast and has connected thousands of artists and fans and shared millions of original music, covers, and speeches worldwide.

Last July 2013, SoundCloud has reached a number of 40 million users and 200 million listeners. At present, these numbers continue to grow; the SoundCloud platform even produced a lot of new artists in the music industry.

If you are a musician or a DJ, or you simply want your speeches to be heard by others, then SoundCloud is the platform for you. Other than the part that it’s an online audio streaming platform, it is also a social networking site in its own right. You get to connect with other musicians, favor their works, share your own sounds, and even exchange comments and messages. In other words, this is your opportunity to be heard and be famous for it. However you need followers to get you this far; and gaining them is not as easy as joining and uploading your sounds.

The first step to get more followers is to make sure people can easily find you on SoundCloud. If you want people to see you immediately, make sure your profile stands out and the details you add on your page are clear.

Start by creating an avatar or by adding an image that shows people who you are. Your profile picture should attract visitors and make people want to add you. It should provide the impression you want your audience to have about you.

The next step is to give them a clear username. This will make it easier for them to not only easily search for you on SoundCloud but also make it easier for them to remember you. Like your profile picture, your username should speak for itself. It should provide the impression you want your audience to have about you. This goes true if you are part of a band. It should say something about your music and what it wishes to send out.

To complete your profile and make it more visible in search results, make sure to provide a description about you. Tell people about you and your music in a brief and concise manner.

2. Upload your tracks.

Once your page is set, it’s time to upload your tracks.

Make sure you upload only complete tracks. If you are a musician, upload your complete song and not just a preview or an unfinished one. Remember that SoundCloud is primarily an online streaming site. You need to make sure your audience isn’t left hanging with your music. You want them to add your music to their favorite list and playlists.

As a free user, you are only limited to 120 minutes upload tracks. If you want to upload tracks with more than 120 minutes of audio time, then opt for a paid account. Sign up for either Pro or Pro Unlimited. This comes with additional analytics to help you trace your followers.

To make your uploads more attractive, use eye-catching images for every upload. Make sure you do this for tracks you have right to. One of the best features of SoundCloud is its connectivity with Instagram. You can use Instagram pictures for your track image. This way, you are marketing your sounds in Instagram.

To increase your track’s SoundCloud presence, especially appearances in search results, use tags that describe your work. It helps you categorize your music too and increases your potential to be seen. You should also add details about your sound like the original artist or composer if it’s a cover, or if it is your original music. Details about the instruments you used can also be provided. You can also use its genre as your tag. This way you get more visibility and search advantage.

3. Link with other SoundCloud users with similar interest.

If you want to get more followers, start with those who are already in SoundCloud.

Connect with other users, especially those with similar interest. Join groups where they hang out. Listen and follow their works, drop a comment, and follow them.

If you join groups, share with them your sound. Join moderated groups as they are usually better than other groups. Groups are a great venue to let other people with similar interest listen to your work as you listen to theirs as well. You can also get the chance to be critiqued and gain suggestions on areas you need to develop and how to improve. Other than joining groups, you can also create your own. You can invite SoundCloud account holders with similar interest as yours to join and add others as well. Encourage them to share their works.

Thank your contributors and let them know what you think of their sounds. Give them sound critique. To interact more effectively, provide honest, relevant, and useful comments on their sounds. Don’t just say their work is nice. Say something about it like what part of their track you liked best and where you think they need to improve. You can also suggest ways for them to develop it further. SoundCloud lets you comment on a part of the track too. So don’t comment and mark it as a favorite with an additional remark for them to like yours. It’s not polite to ask them to like your sounds just because you liked theirs. Comment more constructively.

Take time to visit their profile and listen to their sounds and mark them as your favorites. This will show them that you are taking interest in what they offer. If you add their sounds in your own playlist and follow them, they may even return the gesture.

4. Share your tracks.

Tweeter and Facebook are great areas to share your sounds. You can share it on your own account or create a Fan Page where you can post your work. What’s great about social networking sites is how you are able to get targeted audience. Those who are into your music or the artist who sang the original version you just covered are likely to be the ones to listen, like, and share your sound. To make this step more effective, you can add hashtags that immediately categorize and help your target audience find it.

Other than your work, you can also share other people’s sounds. You can add a cover you just marked as your favorite complete with description on why you love it. Use hashtags as well to increase its potential of being found. This will increase your chances of getting the same favor back.

You can also collaborate with other account holders via private track sharing. You can share your works with are in progress privately. This will help you preserve your full recording quality as you let others help you improve it. You can also offer your tracks for remixing. This is actually one way to interact with other SoundCloud account holders. You get to work on projects together. Consider adding a Creative Commons Licensing. Your audience, or your fellow SoundCloud members, may want to create their own versions of it.

5. Interact with your fans.

Always make time to interact with your fans. Read their comments and messages. Reply to them and connect with other listeners. Always make sure to reply politely to compliment even the critique. Your audience will appreciate the pleasant attitude you show that they’d admire and follow you more.

Show your appreciation to your audience by interacting with them more and even opening your doors to suggestions. They may want you to make a cover of their favorite song or even do a collaboration with another SoundCloud artist. If their request is possible, then try to accomplish it. This doesn’t just please them but lets them share your sounds to their friends. In turn, these friends can even become your followers too.

6. Opt for paid SoundCloud account.

SoundCloud has three subscription levels: the free, the Pro, and the ProUnlimited. Earlier, you learned that the free account has a limit of 120 minutes of audio time. With Pro and ProUnlimited, you get more uploaded audio time. This comes with more features that may help you get more followers. You can also use the Quiet Mode as well in case you wish to hide the comments on your stats and on your tracks.

With a paid account, you can also customize and personalize your statistics. With a free account, you can only see how many times your sounds were played. It also shows the number of downloads and the likes and comments it received. While you may also gauge your track’s metric, the Pro account can give you more. It provides you with the referral source and your audience demographics. This can help you understand them more.

7. Pay for followers.

If you plan to opt for these services, just make sure that the service provider you transact with is a credible one. There are lots of scammers out there who take advantage of this need. Review their service-offers too.

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