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You would have probably heard a lot about marketing on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube, but when it comes to online music streaming platforms like Soundcloud, people fail to understand how such sites too, can be a great marketing platform.

As far as reaching to a large number of audience is concerned, Soundcloud might not seem the ideal option over social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, but when getting the most out of your marketing activities is what you are looking forward to, then maybe the site ranks over all its counterparts hands down.

Such online music streaming sites are based on a very innovative platform that poses a strong level of attractiveness and involvement to people throughout the world. They do have the ability to bring people together, connects them with something called as similarity in interests and keep users entertained for hours at a stretch.

A short overview on Soundcloud

The site that has been clearly leading this niche is Soundcloud, and it is built around a highly innovative concept, allowing users post and share their self-made content. When the site was first launched back in the year 2008, it was usually only used by small producers and musicians to share their work and get a bit of recognition in their field. However, the site has seen some huge amount of growth in its popularity over the past few years, and now it is the home of some of the major and immensely popular music studious and recording artists like Zedd and Damian Marlet as well as well known brands like the Red Bull and authorities like the NPR. They all share some really exclusive audio content on the site in order to gain some massive amount of fan following, besides helping the site get flooded with users throughout the world looking to lay their hands on such exclusive content, resulting in a win-win situation for both the publisher and the site.

Going the paid way

Soundcloud offers one to register for free and record and publish up to 120 minutes of audio content. However, if you intend to do some serious marketing on the site, you need to consider getting a “Pro” or a “Premier” account, which helps you gain access to some useful extra features, including more hosting space and in-depth engagement analytics and statistics.

Things to check before starting out on Soundcloud

Now if you are someone considering to dive into this innovative way of marketing using Soundcloud, you need to prepare extremely well for it. After all, it’s no similar to Facebook or Instagram, but a very unique marketing platform. You need to consider if you or your team has the level of creativeness it takes to gain yourself some serious attention on the site. Trying to include your activities on the site into your marketing strategy but not preparing well to achieve what you desire to might turn out to be an awful waste of time.

Ensure that you have a clear idea of who your target audience would be and what are the objectives you intend to fulfil. Podcasts, Interviews and transcribed blogs are considered some really good places to start with.

Also, if you are new to the platform, tracks can be found and discovered using playlists, profile, group or by individual track. Similar to most of the other marketing platforms, you have the option to optimize your recordings on Soundcloud using the general and searchable tags.

One of the most effective and easy ways to find headway in your marketing activities on the site is by doing cross-promotion using separate channels and regular engagement with the users by uploading content at regular intervals.

The word of share

Understanding the users on a social media platform is of utmost important to help achieve the desired results from your marketing activities. Soundcloud is no different. You give the users what they want, that is outstanding content, and you will make it big in no time. After all, the users on the site are always craving for great content and hence, if you manage to provide it to them they are sure to share your content a lot more. This, though simple, is a very effective thing to make your content go viral on the site and gain you some massive amount of fan following. Also, as Soundcloud’s timestamped commenting allows the users to post comments and express their views and thoughts on any tracks, it won’t take long for outstanding content to gain popularity, or inferior one to gain criticism. These comments have the ability to reflect the quality of the track. The number of listens, likes and reports are visible to all the users, and this is what spurs the urge amongst them to share the content and join in and engage.

However, the content being user-generated, the sound quality on the site isn’t regulated, and hence there emerges cases of tons of low quality content as well as the one that has some copyright issues. This indeed seems to be a serious issue for the site. Simply make sure your content gets nowhere near to being categorized in either of them and you’ll probably do fine.

Some of the simple but quite effective things to get a head start with your marketing activities on Soundcloud:

Share on other social media sites

What some people forget is every social media site loves new users coming to it from other sites. When you share your tracks on some other social media sites where you have some active accounts on and a considerable number of people interested in your content, it’s bound to get a good amount of traffic to it immediately. This will help spice up the activity and soundcloud will provide the track with more exposure.

Don’t forget to release free tracks

This is very important, especially if you are new to the site. Releasing free tracks in the initial period of your marketing efforts on the site will ensure that you have a loyal fan following to look forward to your paid tracks.

Joining groups

Join groups related to your genre and if possible, location. Don’t forget to post unique and something different in such groups to help differentiate yourself from the others in the group who does the same.

Comment on others tracks

This will obviously get you some curious visitors to your content. However, make sure that you are being fair and your comment is constructive. Also, if your comments happen to be long, sincere and genuine, you’re probably sure to get a lot of curious visitors.

Follow others

This is common with almost all social media sites. Follow others and a lot of them follow you back. This is a slow but really effective way to get followers consistently and building a large follower base.

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